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Jerusalem Caliphate and the Third Jihad

Jerusalem Caliphate and the Third Jihad

An Ancient Bible Prophecy Reveals the Agenda of Today’s Determined Islam

John C. Witcombe

A Jerusalem caliphate? A third Jihad?

According to Daniel 11:45, the answer to both questions is Yes. A reasonable and commonsense interpretation of this prophecy makes clear that Islam will indeed achieve its Jerusalem caliphate and set in motion its third Jihad: “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain. . .” Daniel 11:45.

Who will be planting this Caliphate in Jerusalem? And what will happen when the Muslim world—now 1.6 billion strong—unites under a restored caliphate? The surprising answers are set forth in the pages of this compelling book.

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